Indian Gaming Industry Is So Down

India is come in a down rank in technology sector because Indian peoples are not believe in physical work they only believe in educational work only. That's reason the rank of India on technology sector is down.
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Indian Gaming Industries

India continuously fall down in technology sector because and also in gaming sector | why ? | Simple Indian people can not believe physical knowledge but they can only believe in study because their parents are set in thier children's minds that don't be creative only do study and find the job . To this thinking India not growing in technology / Gaming sector.

How to improve our condition in gaming industry

They need to Study/work by it's choice not any other choices . If they can start their career on teen age when we can make adult in this period they can make expert in their line or sector and it's make our passion and we can do make more creative things if it is game or anything .

  • It's a big Indian gaming Industry and in this gaming industry more than 40+ games published is this account but - but no more than 1million+ Downloads in these industry games highest downloads of this industry is 1million . It's not a big users collection 1million downloads are not a big amount of Downloads . Sorry but forner a teen age baby can developed better games than it's.

  • Yes Games Studio
  • It's a individual person gaming studio and good performance of this person it can get highest 5million+ downloads on it Games we have proud of them check there games we can proud us because it a individual person and he got 5million+ downloads in there apps it not small thing.

  • GameiMake
  • Here is also a Indian gaming industry it can publish 50+ games of there play store account and the Downloads come it industry games is no more than 1million + it's a not a big amount downloads for a gaming industry .
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  • AppsZoo
  • It's also Indian gaming industry which an published 20+ games on there account and in the industry almost 1million downloads in there games and it's graphics also good but we think this industry don't know SEO services . By the way it's get Fair collection of users .

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