What's Hacker

A hacker is good programmer and developer he can more clever than the the developers and or programmer hacker also good and Also bad there are three types of hackers, Black hat hacker, White hat hacker, Grey hat hacker.
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How Many Types of Hacker's

  • Black hat Hackers
  • White hat Hackers
  • Grey hat Hackers

  • Black hat Hackers

    Black hat hacker is a person which have knowledge to breaking computer network and data and bypass security servers and protocol the can also write malware to get anyone information they have more knowledge about metasploit, shark and many more hacking tools. They can their your personal information account , data etc and sell in international markets and they can hacked your account get from some money they do very cleverly work they are online hackers.

    White hat Hackers

    White hat Hackers are good hackers they are more knowledge about there sector and they can works under government rules and the can protect government websited and individual webs form to black hat Hackers then can do penitration testing by website owner permission and they can find defaults in their sites and say web owner to fix it and they do help they are anti Hackers and protect to online hackers.

    Grey hat Hackers

    They do multiple hacking legal and illegal twice. They are more clever then the white hat Hackers and black hat Hackers and they do work very silencely.