Android Machine learning flowers

Artificial intelligence flower

We are use Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence everyday in our cars, in our doors, In our mobiles etc in everyday. Android developers are build a machine learning Flowers or a garden. The garden provide you cool environment. Android Developers use Artificial Intelligence in the garden. The garden act as user Reactions. If you are blinking your eyes in the front of the flowers then it can change their colour. It's really very amazing.

Artificial intelligence flower

Android developers added in camera in head of the flower and it can detected faces and then algorithm after face detection the command comes from program motors can comes in action and flower pot is slowly turned it face of people there is person stands and after that it can react as user response. And it is a beautiful garden it's concept they can take from real garden. In it's have lot of folowers, lights, leaves they were active and interactive with which can stand front of them. It have another section they use another android things like processor, motors, cables, spine, and many more of it flower.

Machine learning flowers

You can also use it as remote control. It can easily use with remote control they also use hard wires ( Copper Piping ) for the the stunk of flower. It is look like a natural flowers. It very hard to build it how move flower and how move Stem of flower It is very difficult to know for them. They can use camera on flower an they but sensors on back them on device processing. They use face recognition software on them which google have. They use a High android processor to detect fastly face or record video to recognising. And it's detect what the emotion of the user and change their led colour as their emotions and after that servo motors starting their work to moving the flower pot. They try to make Artificial intelligence flower or robotics natural competitor flowers.

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