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How to make money online

A new app launched which name is files go which can give you chance to earn upto Rs.1000 rupess when you can use it app first time the you can get gooogle pay rs.1000 coupon and click on coupon and you can redirect on your google pay app after that sketch your coupon and win upto rs.1000 .
And if you think why google gives us coupon or cash that's reason is because Google increase their Marketing.

How to earn money with files go step wise

Step1: Open your google play store app search their " Files Go "  and google play store shows you results related to " files go ".

Step2: Click on first result and install the files go app after that open the app .

Step3: After that you need to install files go app in also your friends or family or in your other phone.

Step4: After that open files go app in twice mobiles or device and after that login in files go app with different Gmails accounts.

Step5: Now click share button after that you see Earn rewards option make start it in twice phone after that click on send button in first phone and click on receive button in second phone .

Step5: Afte Send/Receive files and go back and click on claim reward option and claim your reward and sketch your coupon and win upto rs.1000.

And enjoy your earned cash and if you like this post and or if you wants to more posts like these so comment now.

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