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Samsung folding phone with infinity flex Display

We are waiting since many times When Samsung can launch their folding phone. In SDC 2018 Samsung can talking in about in folding phone it can in market in 2019 . Samsung can also presence their models , Infinity V, Infinity U and Infinity O and one bezel less New Infinity Display. And many attractive features Samsung can say's this phone is in attractive price in market. The real name of Samsung infinity flex is Galaxy x or Galaxy F and In it helps of OneUI it support Multi Active Windows.

folding Display Phone launched by Samsung. We call that phone tripal display phone. First display so small. As like normally phones but second display is to big as like a mini-tablet. We can call that multi-display phone. This is a wonderful phone in market.

Samsung galaxy x phone
Samsung bringing multi-display phone collaboration with Google. This phone is given for mass production. This phone's screen uses flexible polymers.

Finally Samsung Announces flexible or folding phone with infinity flexible display.

In the phone two displays can there one is on front and big and foldable display inside in book shape phone. And Samsung announces if you can any application in front screen and then you can open book of screen you can get open same data in book screen. And you can use three multiple windows in Samsung folding phone at same time. And the display of Samsung folding phone is 7.3inch it's a very good for multiple tasking at same time. Samsung announces Google also office supports to folding phones it can also fully support google apps and google also confirm it so it is also good thing for us...

Flexible phone

The names of all the three phones are as follows : infinity U, infinite V, infinite O. The first display of all the phones is given in the noch , but the second display has not been noch. The display of these phones has been given an infinite flaxible display.In these phones three displays have been given. One display in front of a phone. and second display under side in the phone are given in Two displays are connected to each other, but this is only one display which we can give to that display As a display. Because it is a flexible display that unfolded when opening the display, then it becomes like a table.

Under side display doing work as like a mini-tablet. Under side display size is 7.3. You will be doing injoye as like laptop. Where you will open any app in a front display then that app open automatically in under side display.
In this phone's giving Samsung multi-task windows.In this phone you will open many app in a display.As like laptops.It's a banger-lass phone in under side display.
Samsung do better than other companies. Samsung giving you best features in this phone's.

Specification of folding phone / Samsung galaxy X 

It's has android pie. And corning gorilla flexible glass 7,fingers print sensor, face detection sensor, retina scanner, 5g available, double Sim, 601 ppi, turbo charging, primary camera 41MP. front camera 20MP, water proof, dust proof, anti scratches protection, Continuos Shooting, High Dynamic Range mode, Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus.

Samsung folding phone video

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