Why are most electronics made in china

Made in China
Today we can talking about Why most of electronics made in china. Have you ever thought What's so special in China that most electronics items are made in china ?
Same cause in Apple products they Designed in California but assemble in China. Apple is US based company they can selling their products in all over world so why their products assemble in China. Not only apple products but all big electronic products company products made in china or assembled in china.

Reason Why most of products made in china ?

When you can Ask to anyone why many electronic products made or assembled in china so common answer come from people's  " Because the labers that are cheap there" that's reason companies made or assemble their products in china. But it is a one answer but not a complete answer that why companies like China to assemble their products. Now time china is the biggest product assembling market of the world.

Main Reason why companies go to china for assemble their products.

In 1970s Chinese government decided to setup some special reasons their is talking about ( SAR ) Special Administrative Reasons their name come Hong Kong and Macau and their build ( SEZ ) Special Economic Zone and the government Moto is inviting in ( SEZ ) to foreigners to setup their business and they give offers that if you setup their business here that you can get tax benefits and government can helps you to setup your business in your country.  These claims have gone and big brands have installed their factories in China. And China starting growing from that time and now days china is the biggest electronic items assembled market .

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