Super fast charger in the world

Friends, we all use the mobile phone, so when it comes to re-charging dude, it is a kind of technology available to us, but we are going to talk today about Oppo's Super VOOC Charger. This is the world's most super fast mobile charger in the world. So you can look forward to it, how long it works, whether it is or how it works. Mobile running time, we face this problem as long as we have a battery in our phone, we can run it comfortably, but when the battery is finished we feel we have to put it on charging at least Our phone will charge in two to three hours. If I say to you that the phone will now charge in 35 minutes so how's you feel.  Yes friends it is possible oppo launched their fast changing charger whose name is oppo VOOC super charger.

SUPERVOOC fast battery charger 

Super fast charger in the world
Its the oppo VOOC super fast charger it's can provides you fast changing environment it can charges your smart phone 0% to 100% within 35 minutes.After all, friends now talk about where it started, then friends talk about 2014. The time which was brought by the qualcomm of its quick charge 2.0 that time on the Oppo was Introduced by VOOC Charging System in its phone R5. And these things were moving. You saw fast charging in the plush coming. If you are chatting with friends, then this 4.5 APM and the voltage of this charger is 5V. Oppo supports super VOOC charging in oppo find x smart phone it is a normal version of this phone but it's Lamborghini version supports fully VOOC charging. Which's charges fully only in 35 minutes .If you talk about its battery then it is 3400mAh it's really very cool 3400mAh battery chargers in just only in 35 minutes. If we can talk to changing 10 minutes so it's battery reached around around 40%. When you can charge your phone battery using this charger so your phone not heating compared to other changes .

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