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Made in India technologies
Have you ever wondered what happens in India in the name of manufacturing in India? Have you ever had this question in mind that I am sure there will be come and you must have found that the cheapest smartphone we watch or television, or anything taken from tech is seen in Made in China.Their parts are made in china and they are made by assembling indigenous India We know this thing. But you know that some things are going to be manufactured in India too. Today we will talk about somebody. So let's start we known about tech made in india.

Indian processor Shakti

Shakti Indian processor

I would like to tell you the first thing about a processor made by the people of IIT Madras, whose name is Shakti and this 180 nanometer is built in the facility. Let me tell you that these techonology were Intel and big companies had acquired in 2002 itself. I will have the power processor is the India's first time making the processor must tell you that Linux was just Boot and these Successfully Boot and we have to be not so its frequency 1GHz or so Jada to tell you this but Nevertheless, it can be used in India to be used in the surveillance, washing machines, or CCTV cameras, or in other things too. I will be able to use it.Those who have also made these processors, they said that whatever is going on in the defense, the cameras that are being made for the security of this machine will be used in them as they are being processed by 1Ghz or There is no need to do more than this because we are not running any computer at all. They are small machines, they need brain to control them. This is enough for them. Finally Shakti processor proves a good processor.

Indian First aerodynamic train engine

Tech made in India
Next story is coming from Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, it is a State Owned Company which creates engine of train. This company has created India's first isodynamic engine with top speed of 200 km / h, 5400 engine 200Km / h that can hold the speed and it is fully made in India. All India's premium trains like Rajdhani Express or Sathawadi Express, they will all be used. And let us tell you that the government wants to change the engine of the train as it is, and as much as the engine of the train, do not go from diesel to many places where the train is running from Diesel. If there is no electricity or can not go to electricity, then such engines will be used there. It's a best Made in indIn tech.

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